Daily ranked games, weekly cups and more!

Project Owner

Admin & community manager: 🔗 Troopest


24h Hostinho-bot coder: 🤖 Сирень
Web design & tool developer: 🏴 blaaa
Rankings tool coder: 💀 8===> Cock
Video editing & Support 🎥 Chip
Room Firewall: 🔒 Otto
Image editing: 🎨 Edmunds
Map editing: 📖 MC

Special Thanks

Rooms moderation: 🔞 Lethonen & Qwertylinho
Servers hosting: 🖥 Jack & haxhost.com
Help & Feedback 💭 All the 24h Room admins!

Ranked Rules

To play ranked games you must have a !confirm password. To confirm your account join the community discord and contact the admins to get your password.

For 3v3:
Top 2 players are captains, 1st for blue team, 2nd for red team. Each captain picks their players, blue picks first. As captain you can only pick 1 player from the previous game.

For 5v5:
Top 4 players are captains, 1st and 3rd for blue, 2nd and 4th for red. Each captain picks their players in a snake-draft; meaning blue picks 1, then red picks 2, then blue picks 2 and red picks 1.


Red cards (-20 ELOs):
Given to players who dodge games, troll, etc (e.g: owngoals and teambumps on purpose, avoid playing with certain player, etc)
Yellow cards (-10 ELOs):
Given to players attempting to manipulate the order of the room diving and no fair play (e.g: faking afk, asking to pause for no reason, lying,etc)
You can go afk in spec, but if you get to the top or near the top you might be put bottom.
All penalizations are up to the referee's discretion. You can challenge a card by writing the game # and asking the admin for an official review.